Paycheck Deception

These bills are about politics -- not economics. Paycheck Deception bills are designed by politicians to hurt their political opponents by eliminating public employee unions.  Politicians want more power over the middle class workers, so they are stripping workers of their rights. 

Paycheck deception bills are all about giving billionaires even more power to write their own rules. All of the paycheck deception proposals would make it even easier for billionaire businessmen and corporate special interests to rig the system and write their own rules to help themselves.

Extremist politicians are trying to weaken the voices of everyday heroes. This means cops, firefighters, nurses and teachers have less of a voice on things that matter to all of us.

Paycheck deception bills would have negative consequences for all of us. Tilting power in favor of big money special interests will create an even more unbalanced system where regular people have even less power in the political process.

Employees should have control over their money. The employees are voluntarily requesting to have dues and other deductions honored once the compensation is ready to be distributed to the employee.

Official title: 
Requires authorization for certain labor unions to use dues and fees to make political contributions and bars them from withholding earnings from paychecks.